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Please note: a $50 one-time setup fee applies to all new clients.

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Use of our service indicates your acceptance of these terms & conditions in their entirety, as well as our anti-spam policy & terms of use. Please read both of these documents carefully, and make sure you agree to them prior to ordering services from MyRealtyFlyer.


  1. First and foremost, please don't use the term "blast" or "e-blast" to refer to MyRealtyFlyer and our services. That term is synonymous with spamming, and we don't like it. It makes us feel all 'used car salesman'-ish... bleh. We prefer you say "targeted e-marketing campaign" or even "online marketing service that, by golly, gets results!" But if you must, you can just shorten it down to simply "e-flyer", "flyer", or even "ad" and we'll be happy.
  2. Secondly, please recognize that e-flyers are meant to be sent via e-mail. As such, their design, dimensions, resolution, file size and quality are all carefully optimized for electronic delivery. In some cases, you can print your e-flyer, but we don't recommend it.
  3. There is a $50 one-time setup fee for all new clients. This covers the cost of your template, design, and getting your account established on our server.
  4. New clients should allow 2-3 business days (from date of order) for us to develop your new template and get you a first proof. (Lead times for custom campaigns can be--and usually are--longer, depending on the project.)
  5. Please provide hi-res versions of any company or team logos, headshots, photos, or other images you want included in your design. Let us know if you prefer a specific color scheme, theme, branding or design element. The same goes true for letting us know what you don't want in your ad. We want you to be happy, after all.
  6. Unless you request otherwise, we typically obtain property photos directly from your MLS listing for the property being advertised. If the MLS images are inadequate for whatever reason, we'll let you know, and may possibly request new and/or larger images.
  7. Once your template is established, turn-around time for all future ads is typically only one (1) business day!
  8. E-Flyer Packages do not expire until you use up the package. So if you purchase a 5-pack, for example, you can use 1 or 2 this month, 1 or 2 the next, and so on, until you've used all 5. Each unique flyer counts as one of your package quantities, although you can re-send a specific ad for a reduced fee and not have it count against your package. (See below, More on Fees & Pricing.)
  9. Each e-flyer includes one (1) free revision. Additional revisions may be billed at a rate of $25 per revision, but this is at the sole discretion of MyRealtyFlyer. (Free Advice: We're experts at this whole e-marketing thing, so please trust our designs and don't micromanage or nitpick. For those of you who must, well, that's why this policy is in place.)


  1. Payment for all services is due immediately, unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, between the client and management at MyRealtyFlyer. Invoices will typically be sent via e-mail to the owner of the account, so please make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date, and be sure to add "" to your Safe Senders List or White List.
  2. Payment for services can be made by check, made out to "Easy C2C" or "MyRealtyFlyer". We currently process secure credit card payments via Paypal for your convenience, although we certainly prefer payment via check whenever possible.
  3. We do allow Third Party Billing (ie. we can bill your client, or a builder or a firm, directly), just be advised that ultimately the responsibility of payment falls upon our client: you.
  4. Late Fees: If payment is not received within sixty (60) days of the date marked on your invoice, a $25 late fee will apply to each delinquent invoice. At ninety (90) days, if payment is still not received, an additional $50 late fee will apply to each delinquent invoice. If, after 120 days, payment has still not been received, we reserve the right to turn your account over to collections, adding in additional collection fees as allowed by law.
  5. There is a $50 fee for a new template design. Some clients like to have one for open houses, another for luxury homes, maybe another for more urban properties like lofts and townhomes, etc. It isn't required for you to have more than one--our templates are generally designed to be versatile enough to work with almost any type of property for sale. But the option is available to you.
  6. Any standard e-flyer can be re-sent within thirty (30) days for just $25. You may purchase multiple re-sends in advance if you are planning an extended campaign or wish to repeat specific ads on specific dates. The 30 day timer begins on the date the first unique e-flyer is sent, and does not "refresh" when you perform a re-send. Limited changes are allowed within re-sends, such as price changes, open house dates, title/header (ie. "Just Listed" becomes "Just Reduced"), and up to one (1) photo. Additional revisions may incur a $25 fee per revision. This is at our sole discretion.
  7. E-flyers are generally sent out to our proprietary database of several thousands of local Realtors, investors and other interested parties. Clients may choose to have their e-flyer sent to their own database as well, for no additional fee. You must, however, provide this database to us in Excel or CSV format, and it must be an opt-in database as per our Anti-Spam Policy & Terms of Use. If you need help exporting your database, or making it opt-in compliant, our staff can assist you for a modest fee. (Note: Our e-flyer software will filter out any duplicates between our list and yours, and we never steal, copy, sell, or co-mingle your list with another client...ever.)
  8. By request, MyRealtyFlyer can also advertise your property at no cost on This only applies to regions where real estate advertising on your local is at no charge. You must proactively request this added value service on a per-flyer basis.
  9. We can perform basic photo retouching and editing work at a rate of $25/hour. Please understand that, by law, we cannot extensively manipulate or edit property photos. (Example: Making a gray sky turn blue is one thing, but editing out material defects, or concealing power lines/utility poles is all kinds of NO.) As for editing your personal photo or headshot, well, we understand that not everyone is a supermodel, but be proud of who you are!


  1. MyRealtyFlyer operates within strict compliance of all local laws, regulations and customs as regards real estate advertising as well as e-mail marketing, including the CAN-SPAM Act. We also operate within strict compliance of your local MLS and its marketing policies.
  2. As such, all e-flyers must include:
    • Contact information for the party responsible for the advertisement, which includes name, postal mailing address, and phone number (ie. your firm).
    • For property auctions, the auctioneer's license number is typically required.
    • An instant opt-out feature (regardless of whose mailing list--ours or yours).
    • A link to the originating source of the advertisement, which is MyRealtyFlyer.
  3. Where possible, we maintain strict compliance with your broker's advertising guidelines, as well as the advertising requirements for the state in which your property is being marketed, and the entity which governs real estate advertising in your region (in TN, that would be TREC). However, if your broker, company, local ordinances and/or laws, or association requires any specific language or guidelines to be used in marketing, you must provide this to us proactively. You agree to indemnify MyRealtyFlyer and its representatives from any claim arising out of an advertisement not being in compliance with any of your required advertising guidelines.
  4. You must own the copyright, or have license to use, any images you provide to us. Please do not lift photos from another agent's listing, web site, off the Internet, etc. The responsibility for all copyright compliance falls solely on the client.
  5. If you take your own property photos, and your digital camera has a setting to imprint the date and time on all of your photos, turn this setting OFF. It just looks tacky when you use those photos for advertising.
  6. All of our e-flyers are designed to be compliant with the greatest variety of e-mail and webmail programs, browsers, spam/junk mail filters and software. However, due to the vast amount of configurations and options available for these programs, compatability and compliance is not guaranteed. We do include a "view this ad online" link in all e-flyers in case a recipient cannot properly view the e-flyer within their e-mail program. However, we cannot guarantee successful delivery into a recipient's Inbox for a variety of technical and logistical reasons.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, so please check this web site frequently for updates.

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