MyRealtyFlyer is a service of Easy C2C, the leading provider of virtual assistant services for Realtors in the Nashville market and across Middle Tennessee.

Put simply, we take those bland, boring property flyers or feature sheets, and we turn them into a work of art. This stylized e-flyer is then sent out via e-mail to thousands of local real estate agents, investors and builders in the Nashville, TN area.

Unlike other "similar" services, MyRealtyFlyer does all the work for you: the template, the design, the copy, the artwork--we even provide the mailing list. All you do is approve a proof. It's as simple as that.

No software to learn. No web site to manage. No degree in graphic arts required.


MyRealtyFlyer operates on a dedicated server capable of sending hundreds of thousands of e-mails per day. We also use a proprietary software architecture that allows us to maintain unlimited mailing lists for our hundreds of clients, filter out duplicates, and check for bounces, open rates, forwards and more.

Our software has a built-in spam checker which optimizes each and every e-flyer to drastically reduce its chance to end up in someone's spam or junk mail folders.

We're also able to program hot links into your e-mail message, so recipients can click links and visit your web site, a virtual tour, the MLS buyer page, or any other web site you can think of.

We've been doing this since 2005, and that's a lifetime in "Tech Years."

Over the years, we've continually improved both our template designs and our resources, making MyRealtyFlyer the best choice for real estate e-marketing available.

As a matter of fact, most Realtors instantly recognize our e-flyers versus our competitors' simply from how good they look. That's the kind of reputation money can't buy, and the kind of reliability you can count on.

If you're currently using regular print flyers, or even another e-flyer service, we can analyze your designs and your marketing strategy to show you what really works, and what doesn't.

People sometimes ask us: Why do you market to Realtors, and not the general public?

Simple: Realtors are the gatekeepers to the general public. At least the general public who are buying and selling homes. And isn't that who you want to see your listings?

If you open your phone book, we're certain you'll find listings for a variety of popular restaurants, retailers and corporations. But you'll find them advertising on TV, the Internet, magazines and via e-mail.

Being "listed" isn't enough.

The MLS is a great tool for finding homes, but it is not--nor has it ever been--a marketing tool. Don't rely on it to give exposure for your listings to the general public.

For that, you need Realtors. And to reach Realtors in the fastest, most cost-effective method around, you need e-flyers.

Founded in 2005, Easy C2C is Nashville's leading provider of virtual assistant services to busy real estate professionals.

Employing only "rock star" talent, our assistants have become vital leverage for some of the best realty companies in Middle Tennessee, including ERA, Coldwell Banker, Village Real Estate, Keller Williams Realty, Pilkerton, Zeitlin Realtors and more.

We believe that no matter what the market is like, high-quality Realtors deserve high-quality resources. After all, your clients would expect nothing less.

Contact Us At:        +1 615 261-8177

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